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I'm just like you, only different.

I thought I might be the lifelong bachelor, but at the age of 47 on June 27, 2009 my world changed forever. Although she is five years younger, she too wondered if marriage was in the cards and we both heard that perhaps we were both too set in our ways and marriage might be for other people. They were wrong.

I've always wanted to be passionate about something. You hear it often, don't you, "Follow your passion." I think I'm passionate about the moment, about life, about friends and family, but I don't think I have any deep passion for things, hobbies, or jobs. Those passions are temporary. The things I like today, are not the same things I'll necessarily like tomorrow so it has been hard to build a career on any grand passion. I love doing a good job and leaving jobs well done in my wake, but any passion I spent on them was fleeting at best. I suppose I'm antsy in that regard and although I get joy out of starting new things, I like to move on once the new wears off. The exception is my marriage.

I am passionate about my wife and about our marriage. It is something I look forward to building upon and growing. I'll enjoy how it changes and flourishes for the rest of my life. How I know this is my greatest mystery, but there's no doubt I do. In this regard, I see the future...even though the details will only come into focus as time moves on. Who I will become depends upon me and my wife.

Who I am now has been mostly influenced by my parents and the way I was brought up. They may have had doubts, but I think my parents did a wonderful job, and that's a comment on them, not a brag on me! As I see the children my two brothers are raising and how great they are, I know it is a result of learned skills taught by Mom and Dad. At this point in my life, I only regret that it may be too late for me to use those skills on children of my own.